Monday, January 2, 2012

CrossStitchCrazy 2012 (Facebook)

Yes...I know. It's been over a year since I've posted anything. However, not too many people actually follow my blog so I doubt anyone's all broken up over this. LOL
New year...2012! I have joined a project on Facebook called CrossStitchCrazy 2012 and this is day 1 & 2 of my progress. These are WIP's (works in progress) so don't think I'm that fast. The way it works is we all start a new (or WIP) for the first 15 days of January. Then throughout the year we work on all 15 projects and 'hopefully' finish them by the end of the year...sharing along the way.
Thanksgiving & Christmas was very strange this year. Almost felt like I was just watching them go by. Oh's a new year and I wish everyone the best year ever. I'll keep posting my progress.