Monday, February 13, 2012

God's gift to me today.

Sometimes in life you can get really low, look around and wonder "where am I and does anyone know I'm even here." You pray that God hears your cries, knows how sad you are and that He will bring someone or something into your life to show you how much He loves you and to soften your pain. So often we miss His answer to our prayers. We get busy going about our life, plugging through another day, and we simply miss Him. Today...God sent my best friend.
You see, I've been low lately...wondering if anyone knows I'm still here, knows I'm struggling. Well, God knew. My best friend, Sandy, texted me today and wanted my input on her new blog. She said she wanted to know what I thought of it and if it would be something I would keep reading if I just came across it. After work I came home, looked it up and read it. To my surprise, she had wrote about our friendship and what I meant to her. Through tears I read what she had wrote. You see, I love her and she loves sisters. Like God himself, before either of us were ever born, made us best friends. It was designed this way. Any we've always known this. It was, from the beginning, always easy for us to be friends. We knew we had each others matter what. We've been through it all. Sadness, sickness, a little breakin-the-law too (that's a secret though). But until I read what she wrote, I had no idea how she saw me. I didn't know I was that special in her eyes.
Isn't it the same with God? We don't see ourselves as He sees us. Today, He showed me that...through my friend Sandy. And the funny thing is, He knew that I would probably only get it...coming from her.
Thank you Sandy. Thank you for loving me and for being my friend. My life would have been so different without you in it. I can't even imagine.